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Tour suggestions

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    - Bergen at your feet- walking tour every Saturday May 9 -September 19
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Exciting city walks!
Exploring Bergen by foot is a rewarding experience which will give you a completely new impression of the city. The city centre is compact and bustling with life, and yet has so much to offer by way of history and culture.


The UNESCO-listed Wharf and medieval fortress area:

Learn about the Kings of old, the Hanseatic League, and take a step back into Bergen in the Middle Ages. A leisurely stroll that can easily be combined with a museum visit on the Wharf.

The Wharf and Mount Fløyen:

We wander along the Wharf - recognised as part of the world’s cultural heritage. The walk ends with a trip on the funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen for a breathtaking panoramic view of Bergen.

Vågen Bay and the Marken area:

The historical heart of Bergen, the site of the Battle of Vågen, the executioner’s house and old penal institutions.

Through streets broad and narrow:

We wander through Bergen’s old alleyways, hear about everyday life in the Middle Ages, and look at the many well maintained wooden buildings that are so typical of Bergen.


On this walk, which takes us from Torgallmenningen - Bergen’s central boulevard - to the Aquarium, you will hear all about Munkeliv Monastery and how witches were burnt at the stake in Bergen!

In Grieg’s footsteps

See Bergen through Edvard Grieg’s eyes.

The great outdoors!

We take the funicular up Mount Fløyen, then explore the forests, skirting mountain lakes, before making our way down through leafy glades that bring us back to the heart of Bergen. Or, for the fighting fit, take a guided trip across the mountain plateau from Mount Ulriken to the top of Mount Fløyen.

A captivating walk:

We delve into the depths of Bergen’s dark past, from the Bergenhus Fortress with its dungeons and slave compound to Nordnes where criminals were hung and witches burnt.

The Wharf and ”Beffen”:

A delightful tour for the whole family. Hear about the Wishing Well and the apprentices during the Hanseatic period, and cross the Vågen Bay to Nordnes in the water-taxi ”Beffen”.

The Black Death or Cholera:

We stroll from St. Catherine’s Hospital via bygone religious meeting places and make our way to the Leprosy Museum, learning about the year when 20% of Bergen’s population died from epidemics.

Sculptural Bergen:

Bergen is full of sculptures with a fascinating history, and not a few have only been installed after much debate.....

Green Bergen:

A summer stroll through beautiful the City Park to the fashionable university heights, with a visit to the Botanical Gardens.

Bergen - the stone heritage:

Bergen is adorned with stone of various kinds, from cobble-stoned roads to magnificent stone buildings. Our walk can also include a visit to the popular stone collection at Bergen Museum.

Culinary Bergen:

A seaside walk along the Wharf from the Fish Market to the Norwegian Marine Food Centre at Bontelabo where you can enjoy a seafood demonstration and sample the products.

Active Bergen:

Do you feel like doing something active but at the same time want to see our beautiful city? See Bergen while you join one of our sporty guides on a jogging tour up the mountain! There will be breaks one the way that will allow you you appreciate the nice views and hear about everyday life in Bergen and Norway.


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